Huawei CCTV Dvr Firmware Software

In short, why Huawei Video Surveillance Products?
Huawei  HD vandal-proof network  cameras for intelligent video surveillance systems, suitable for indoor, outdoor and harsh operating conditions  .

Cloud-based architecture, flexible service management

It separates hardware and algorithm software from hardware and applications and removes the connection with special hardware. It supports fast iterative algorithms and maintains service continuity and usage habits.

Matrix intelligence, efficient video-based application

The multi-algorithm warehouse architecture based on deep learning helps to realize data sharing and smart collaboration between the device, cloud edge and cloud center, which enables efficient retrieval of individuals and tools and supports the application in real business applications.

Agility and openness enable industrial applications

Opens southern APIs for rapid integration of third-party intelligent algorithms to provide abundant basic video data and north-direction scenario-based APIs and orchestration capabilities to support rapid service application development.

Cloud Intelligent Command Platform

Omni-Data Structuring Cameras

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  1. I have a rural need for multiple cameras operating off of one cell phone feed and bill. is that possible? If so, is their a cost per camera involved or a flat fee for let’s say four or five cameras on the same cell phone feed?

  2. Thank you for the nice article. I am looking for a camera that records on SD and can be powered by power bank. The main use for it will be recording job interviews with new comers to insure no abuse is done to them. Can you please recommend some models with the Amazon link?


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