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Shenzhen Ccdcam Technology Co., Limited, Professional surveillance products manufacturer and project solution supplier.With a strong experienced design team to assist you all aspects of digital video, network video communication, image processing and embedded OS. CCDCAM boasts a broad product offering that includes IP Camera module, Mobile DVR, NVR, DVR, self-developed Management Software and project  solution. Selling well in all cities and provinces around China, our products are exported to clients in such countries and regions as Canada, Russia, US, Germany, etc.


AI Thermal Camera_V1.0.47.HH

File Size:43.67 MbHits:640UpdateTime:2020/07/06

Access control software_V1.1.32.M

File Size:25.03 MbHits:160UpdateTime:2020/06/08

Thermal Infrared and Facial Recognition Tablet User manual&Search tool

File Size:29.98 MbHits:423UpdateTime:2020/05/04

Search tool

File Size:1.56 MbHits:134UpdateTime:2020/04/14

H_CMS for camera

File Size:11.23 MbHits:103UpdateTime:2020/01/17

3516A upgrade file

File Size:7.88 MbHits:119UpdateTime:2019/12/21

MStar Series Software(LMS&Search Tool)

File Size:19.02 MbHits:97UpdateTime:2019/12/16

Search Tool

File Size:1.56 MbHits:226UpdateTime:2019/08/27

CMS for Door Station

File Size:10.52 MbHits:43UpdateTime:2019/08/27

C_CMS for Mobile Video Recorder

File Size:49.77 MbHits:27UpdateTime:2019/08/16

Mobile App for Android

File Size:27.49 MbHits:112UpdateTime:2019/08/16

underwater PTZ CD

File Size:29.91 MbHits:302UpdateTime:2016/08/29

mini under water CD V1

File Size:28.16 MbHits:130UpdateTime:2016/06/28

clean password tool

File Size:1.41 MbHits:324UpdateTime:2016/06/28

HCMS for WIFI Kits

File Size:6.96 MbHits:1361UpdateTime:2016/06/03

DVR product tool

File Size:1.33 MbHits:301UpdateTime:2016/05/28

5 series 4in1 DVR CMS

File Size:10.81 MbHits:288UpdateTime:2016/05/03

Eseecloud for Android

File Size:16.97 MbHits:2096UpdateTime:2016/05/03

7 series SDK for windows

File Size:32.80 MbHits:231UpdateTime:2016/04/06

SDK for ip camera

File Size:29.78 MbHits:490UpdateTime:2016/01/28

Cloudlens App for IP camera

File Size:6.84 MbHits:3097UpdateTime:2016/01/28

Danale App for IP camea

File Size:8.70 MbHits:4988UpdateTime:2015/12/17

C_CMS for IP camera

File Size:18.49 MbHits:1142UpdateTime:2015/12/17

Smart meye for Android

File Size:12.78 MbHits:184UpdateTime:2015/11/25

WIFI kit camera search tool

File Size:890.16 KbHits:319UpdateTime:2015/11/25


Mstar Series SDK

File Size:3.47 MbHits:63UpdateTime:2020/01/17


File Size: KbHits:352UpdateTime:2019/09/23

User manual

Tablet Camera Http Protocol-V1.12

File Size:182.16 KbHits:60UpdateTime:2020/06/18

Thermal Camera User manual

File Size:887.64 KbHits:259UpdateTime:2020/06/08

AI DeepinMind NVR Quick Start Guide

File Size:729.25 KbHits:27UpdateTime:2020/06/08

Thermal Infrared and Facial Recognition Tablet User manua

File Size:1.07 MbHits:396UpdateTime:2020/05/28

Black Body Quick User Manual 20200428

File Size:154.19 KbHits:111UpdateTime:2020/04/28

HCMS Client Instructions V2.0

File Size:894.72 KbHits:62UpdateTime:2020/01/17

IP Video Intercom Vandal-Resistant Door Station User Manual

File Size:7.55 MbHits:85UpdateTime:2019/08/27

CMS User manual

File Size:894.72 KbHits:58UpdateTime:2019/08/27

Mobile Video Recorder User Manual

File Size:14.12 MbHits:19UpdateTime:2019/08/13

IMA Camera User manual

File Size:7.28 MbHits:217UpdateTime:2019/06/05

720degree video

File Size:4.26 MbHits:61UpdateTime:2017/12/12

ET-IPC980P Manual

File Size:29.99 MbHits:133UpdateTime:2017/12/07

Hisee quick user guide

File Size:252.29 KbHits:265UpdateTime:2017/07/28

Seetong user manual

File Size:169.1 KbHits:344UpdateTime:2017/04/17

4.3inch tester quick user manual

File Size:937.17 KbHits:45UpdateTime:2017/03/24

qucik user guide for 360 camera

File Size:2.17 MbHits:109UpdateTime:2016/10/13

DVR NVR XVR CMS user manual

File Size:1.61 MbHits:1392UpdateTime:2016/09/01

5″ HD monitor IP Keyboard user manual

File Size:382.32 KbHits:51UpdateTime:2016/05/20

5 series 4in1 DVR CMS user manual

File Size:1.01 MbHits:104UpdateTime:2016/05/03

5 series 4in1 DVR quick user manual

File Size:450.62 KbHits:96UpdateTime:2016/05/03

Goolink user manual

File Size:1.55 MbHits:669UpdateTime:2016/02/16

Star light camera user manual

File Size:2.42 MbHits:180UpdateTime:2016/01/28

Cloudlens user manual

File Size:857.45 KbHits:532UpdateTime:2016/01/28

WIFI install guide

File Size:524.53 KbHits:238UpdateTime:2015/12/25

IP camera user manual D

File Size:2.35 MbHits:453UpdateTime:2015/12/17

C_CMS user manual

File Size:3.83 MbHits:299UpdateTime:2015/12/17

iotp2pcam user manual

File Size:889.26 KbHits:57UpdateTime:2015/11/25

WIFI KIT NVR user guide

File Size:968.32 KbHits:103UpdateTime:2015/11/25

Smart meye user manual

File Size:701.17 KbHits:521UpdateTime:2015/11/24

DVR User manual

File Size:14.12 MbHits:202UpdateTime:2015/11/24

DVR quick start guide

File Size:2.16 MbHits:81UpdateTime:2015/11/19

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